L&S's Backyard Vegas Wedding

Who said a destination wedding couldn't also be in a back yard!? Louis and Stephanie are two genius creatives based in LA. Steph a Dancer/ choreographer and Louis a Musician/ engineer. They wanted an intimate setting for their nuptials and got just that in the comfort of Stephanie's mom and stepfather's home in Las Vegas. The wedding brought all hands on deck to plan a sweet and tender, desert toned wedding. Every aspect of the day was touched by the hands of a family or friend: The invitation crafted by a friend, the arch built by Stephanie's brother, cufflinks from a grandfather, her mother’s dress, the to-die-for vegan cupcakes baked by another close friend, and even myself an old bud. together we created a timeline that allowed everything to get beautifully photographed, but also allowed for relaxation, enjoyment, presence, and a lot of dancing! The festivities were topped off with a round of Cuban cigars that sealed the deal with some timeless imagery. What a delight to document a day imbued with so much love!