we’re so honored and excited that you’ve booked us! Now lets get down to business.

You’re wedding day will be here before you know it, so here are some considerations to keep in mind as you plan…

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On wedding day, I take care of everything so you don’t have to-

That said, we’ll need to collaborate and prepare together on TIMELINE and your FAMILY PHOTO SHOT LIST TO make sure no detail/moment/important person goes un-photographed. Don’t worry I’ll make this as painless as possible…

Considerations for Timeline

Personal Details

Typically when we arrive this is the first thing we'll photograph are your personal details. It saves so much time to have everything in one place This includes your invitation (a couple copies are helpful), all rings, florals, dress, veil, shoes, suit, heirloom jewelry, etc. This is a great thing to delegate to a bridesmaid, groomsman, or family member. 

Golden Hour is your best friend

I want you to have the most epic and gorgeous portraits possible. The best light for this is going to be during golden hour- the hour before sun sets. I STRONGLY encourage letting me take you for a LEAST 20 minutes during this time. With that, I also encourage giving me 30min-1hr total time for your portraits. Depending on your specific wedding day your portrait time can be done in one slot of time or done in intervals throughout the day. Typically I like to wrap up our time with one night portrait so you get that variety.

First Look is your other best friend

While I respect whatever choice you make I also strongly encourage first looks for a few reasons:

    • Its a special moment that can be saved and documented for just the two of you

    • A first look is a time to connect with your partner and calm your nerves on day that is filled with emotion and lots of moving parts. 

    • It allows us to cover so many more "photography bases” before your ceremony, thus letting you be more present and have more time to party with your guests. ESPECIALLY if you have a wedding party. 

    • It helps allow for coverage of your cocktail hour, your guests, and your reception details.

Pre-Wrangle your Wedding Party

First off let us know if you’re having a wedding party or not!? If so how many are in your crew?

In regard to coordinating your wedding party: once we decide on the timing of wedding party photos we encourage you tell your wedding party to be there 15-30 minutes before that time. I do my best to be as efficient as pkossible so they can all get to the bar ASAP. Typically the last photo they’ll have to participate in will be one more formal photo just before family photos begin. 

Tell us what you’re excited about!

Finally, as we construct the timeline for your day please let us know if there are any special moments, performances, people, details that are special to you that you do not want to go undocumented.  We love capturing the special nuances that are unique to your story. 


WE’ll continue to work on your Timeline as your plans develop.

Next I invite you to ponder…


Considerations for Family Photos:

I’m gonna be straight with you- this is typically the most stressful time for couples, as coordinating more than 10 people in the midst of emotions, high energy, and alcohol is no easy task. So we prepare-.

Keep it simple.

You want your list to be as complete yet concise as possible as. Keep in mind the more people you include the longer the process will take.

Get back up.

We highly suggest you delegate a family member or close friend who’s familiar with both sides of the family to be the “wrangler” in case we lost Granma Jen at the bar or your little sister is playing hide and seek. 

Sample to start.

To help get you started here’s a sample list-

******PLEASE NOTE: Only interpret this list as general starting point and modify it to your story. I’m very aware this is a heteronormative list and every family is different- blended, mixed, some have strained relationships and even absences. There is no judgement/exclusion of who you are, who you love, or who makes up your family.******


Sample Family Shot List


Groom and Bride with his Parents

Groom and Bride with his Parents and Siblings

Groom and Bride with his extended family


Bride and Groom with both their immediate families

Bride and Groom with both their Parents


Bride and Groom with her Parents

Bride and groom with Parents and Siblings

Bride and Groom with her extended family


Individual photos with parents, siblings, or grand parents.

Your timeline will evolve as you continue planning and I’ll ask for your finalized family shot list 1 week before the wedding, if you haven’t gotten it to before then. 


Please let me know if you have further questions regarding your timeline, family photo list, or anything else! I’m so grateful and stoked to be on your team of support. Can’t wait to document your beautiful and memorable day!

XO Miriam