Lets go through a quick final check list to make sure you’re set up for easy sailing:


-Have you confirmed timeline?

-Did you complete your list of formal family photos?


We start the day photographing all your details. Consequently these should all be gathered at the location where you'll be getting ready. This includes but is not limited to:

- the wedding invitation (a couple copies is ideal)

- all wedding rings

- the wedding dress and shoes, veil, garter, etc

- the groom's suit and shoes, cuff links, tie, etc

- any other accessories or family heirlooms

- bride's bouquet


-For the sake of photos, we highly recommend keeping the room/space you're getting ready in clean. Ask your wedding party people to help!

-Ask your hair and makeup team to set up near a window to optimize potential natural light

-For the guys getting ready- The groom and groomsmen can get as ready as having pants and undershirt on but should wait for photography before getting all suited up.


Depending on your type of ceremony setting and tradition the following few tips may or may not apply to you but we suggest:

-Ask your officiant to step aside after they cue your first kiss.

- Show off exchange of rings. Try not to turn your back to your guests (or us your photographers)

- Be close enough to hold hands with each other!


Family photos can be a hectic point. Thats why we make THE LIST.

-appoint a “wrangler” a friend who knows both families who can go fetch for uncle Joe who ran off to the bar.

- keep it short and sweet. Let other family or friends know that there will be more opportunity for non-formal photos at the reception. With that- please let us, your photographers know if there’s anyone you specifically want a photo with at reception!


After ceremony the evening tends to flow as a bulk of the coordinated photography is done but please let us know if you’re doing any special dances/ performances/ grand exits etc! We wouldn’t want to miss it!

Finally and above all we remind you to get some good rest and take in all the love of your wedding day.

Stay in the moment and enjoy every second.

When you wake up on your wedding day remember what the day is all about and do your best to let go of all the stress. Your hard work will have paid off. I PROMISE!

All your friends and family have come to support you and bare witness to the love you and your partner share so let it shine!